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                                 Jill may hunt again..........    

Since her great adventure Jill has hardly left the sanctuary of the house without an escort, which would be me. And she didn't exactly stretch herself then, only venturing far enough so she could gaze longingly into the hole in the ground that was the koi pond. It seems to hold a fascination for her with it's little puddle in the bottom. This happened right up until last Sunday as I was returning from North Devon and a visit to old friends.

  At lunchtime she sauntered outside and disappeared around the corner of the house and became scarce. Mum got a bit worried as the evening approached and went out calling her. All to no avail as she steadfastly refused to come. By the time I returned home at around 11 o'clock panic wasn't far from the surface. I made a cuppa and went out calling Jill. I covered up to the triangle of trees  past No 38 and down to the next road next to No 30,making sure that I shouted down the alleyways leading to the back field and the wildwood now growing there. I came in and made a hot cup of tea and sat down to drink it and relax off the four hour car journey I'd just completed.

Around twenty minutes later, and after a few more quick calls  down the alleys, Jill came storming in through the cat flap at a rate of knots yelling her head off. She stuck her face in a bowl of food after taking a bit of fuss and rubbing up against the furniture. It really looked as though she was happy to be home.

Since then, a second scare of a day without a food bowl, she has again taken to staying indoors or following me halfway up the back garden and returning when I do. The only exception has been to venture as far as the pile of earth where the pond is being reshaped so she doesn't have to use her tray. Then, for the last couple of days, she has shown an interest in having a look out the front after dark. Jack has been only too happy to show her the way as he considers all the land he can see to be his personal property. And he can see a fair bit when roaming the fences and car tops or the garage roof. So slowly Jill has started going over the road and returning very quickly when I call, just in case she needs a bowl of food you understand.

So tonight, at the time of writing, Jill has been gone for around an hour and I'm guessing she's over the wildwood judging from all the alarm calls the birds are making. Let's see if she remembers where she lives this time.

Jack, of course, accompanied me on my calling trips like a little dog trotting to heel. He knows where home (food, fuss, bed) is.   


News Flash: Jill finally arrived home at 1.20 AM after hearing the box of Go-Cat ( the feline equivalent of a dog whistle) being rattled outside. I got an immediate response from her bell just up the road near the triangle. She fairly sprinted home, slowed only by her brother jumping on top of her in a playful manner. Jack really does appear to miss Jill when she isn't around and his behaviour changes quite noticeably. At least I got to bed before 2 o'clock.





  G.Reddy 2007                                             

 last edited on 29/07/2007                     

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