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                                  Jack sings...............


     Jack has a wonderful vocabulary which I am having fun learning. He's never short of something to say. I know that it's mainly "feed me" but I'm sure he's telling me exactly how to prepare it. He has another side to his vocal talents though namely singing war chants.

    As usual this evening I was outside fiddling with the building materials and the koi and ,as usual, I was accompanied by Jack. I had to go out into the road to position the syphon that is emptying the pond excavation and shadow cat came with me. I shook him off when I doubled back to remove a kink from the hose. As things were going ok I stopped to drink my cup of tea up in the greenhouse where I can keep an eye on the fish and the garden.

    Jack came up the side passage at a fair lick and made the right hand turn toward the cat flap. I called to him to let him know I was still in the garden but, instead of changing direction to come up to me as he usually does, he darted off toward the far set of steps. It was then that he started to sing. With his back feet on the bottom step and his front feet at the top he was visible by the light from the conservatory.

    Not at first visible, and only really identified from his outline, Tabs the other next door's cat had been caught on Jacks turf and was in a compromised situation. He had a large, fluffy, angry Birman with a very loud and deep growl staring him in the face from about a foot away. He tried to growl back but all that came out was a pitiful whine. Nowhere near good enough to match Jacks fine baritone/alto performance. He back away and stopped. Bad mistake. Jack landed on Tab's head with a wicked twisting pounce. He gave what can only be described as a cat judo throw by rolling down Tab's back and then dragging the spitting tabby over his head and slamming his back into the old pond liner they were fighting on.

    When they were both upright again Jack resumed his singing and added in a serious bit of posturing in slow motion for another three minutes or so. I was impressed, and Tabs was obviously defeated as he turned and sprinted for the back gate at such speed that Jack could hardly react.

    So the legend of "Jack the singing temple cat" was born.....................





  G.Reddy 2007                                             

 last edited on 29/07/2007                     

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