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Jack relaxes a bit after a night on the tiles...........


Yesterday morning saw the first expedition out of the cat flap for Jack and Jill. I accompanied them for around ten minutes occasionally pulling them back from disappearing through the fence into next door's garden. Then they got hauled back inside for another stretch of imprisonment. And some food, obviously.

Both of them got more interested in the locked cat flap after that. A few plaintive mewls and sad eyes were employed to try to gain access to the outside world for the rest of the day but sleep eventually called and they settled down (after a good fuss)

Then came the night time. After the humans had gone to bed Jack and Jill had a furious chase around the house. Up and downstairs in close formation at full throttle with Jill spitting fire at the chasing Jack. Jack then turned his attention to the cat flap again.
It looked more like digging a tunnel than breaking through a door. He refused to give up but had the odd rest from time to time and he would not be defeated. Then he got company. Oggie, the young male from next door came to see what all the noise was on his territory, a territory he inherited when the old guys (Tequila and Ouzo) left a couple of years ago. He's a bit strange Oggie and all he did was sit about three feet away and stare at Jack's attempt to get out. And when Jack saw Oggie he became even more furious with his attempts to escape, growling and howling and hissing he continued digging at the flap like his life depended on it. Eventually, after listening to him digging for an hour or more, I fell asleep.

And woke this morning to the news that Jack had howled outside the bedrooms this morning for a bit of food but Jill was nowhere to be seen. It seems that Jack's determined effort to escape was successful, all the burrs he had removed from his coat and left on his favourite bed proved that, and this allowed Jill out too. At the time of writing she has still not made an appearance but all the neighbours have been alerted to report sightings and name calling is continuing constantly. She's only been officially missing for about four hours but I'm a bit uncomfortable just now even though today was let-out day anyway.

I'll keep you posted as to when she returns.








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