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                       I thought that Jack wasn't a killer.... 

   Last night Jill was starting to get brave and wanted me to accompany her out of the front of the house, a task I was only too happy to perform. It's nice to see her getting a bit more adventurous again. Jack had been out for an hour or more so I was gently calling him to see if he was about. Jill and I spent about ten minutes out front where she practiced her "sit in the middle of the road and look cool" pose until a car turned up and she reverted to "hide under the car on the drive" tactic instead. That was quite reassuring.

    So that was enough for her and I went through the back gate and waited for her to follow me. That was the moment that Jack decided to turn up with a mouse hanging out of his mouth. He just strolled past both of us and took his prize up onto the lawn and let it go. It was pretty much alive and kicking and meant that Jack could do all that cat stuff that they're meant to do. You know what I mean, torturing a poor little defenceless creature just for pleasure and to get at the squeamish humans. So he did. 

    No he didn't. He was just being a cat and doing what comes naturally. Catch some prey, bring it back home, and let it go so the youngsters can get some hunting practice. Only this time it was so he could get some hunting practice in, which he did in spades. The mouse was a bit sprightlier than Jack had banked on. Although chasing it in the longish grass of the so called lawn  was fairly easy, when it got to the side of the temporary fish pond and some really long grass things became a bit more difficult. When Jack let it get into the rocks next to the main koi pond  he got a bit excited due to the mouse having some serious cover.

    Jack ran around in circles at high speed trying to locate the escaped prey. He was sticking his head into and under everything and making wild two footed pounces just like he does when he's playing with a piece of grass or a grasshopper. He made a full speed circle of the koi pond, sniffing and looking, doubling back, and then pouncing again.

    By this time Jill had started to take interest in the proceedings and she moved in and took up a position of vantage on the birdbath which was in the centre of the action. But it was Jack's show and he continued the hunt frantically. Eventually he located the mouse and pounced again this time actually underneath a bit of discarded butyl rubber from the pond where the hunted was hiding. He took it back to the "lawn"  where he continued his practice session right up until the moment that the mouse nipped him on the front paw.

    That was that as far as Jack was concerned and he administered the death bite swiftly having learned an invaluable lesson, mice have teeth too. He then wanted to bring the body indoors and put it in his trophy cabinet which I forbade him to do. That's taking things a bit too far. He then decided he'd eat it which I also vetoed for health reasons. The body went in a plastic bag in the bin and Jack was picked up and taken inside for some praise and ego massaging which didn't impress him at all. Growling and huffing he even refused the reward of some Go-Cat which came a a bit of a surprise.

    Grumpy as anything he savaged my arm when I tried to fuss him and spent a few minutes staring at the now locked cat flap before finally giving up and having a snack. Then he came up and jumped on my bed, something he has just taken to doing much to my delight.

    So, Jack has dispelled the rumours that he isn't much of a hunter by being the first of the pair to return with food for the family. It may have been different if Jill actually left the house occasionally to go hunting but I'm not worried about that. It means she feels safe at home which is another good sign. Way to go Jack.





  G.Reddy 2007                                             

 last edited on 29/07/2007                     

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